Code of Conduct?

Is there a code of conduct for this project?

I have searched Github/Discource/Website and found nothing.

For those not familiar on the purpose of this document, please see:

I do not endorse this guide but it works as a first introduction to the topic.

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There is this page : but it’s not as precise and explicit as a CoC.
Maybe the team has something as a draft, but nothing was really published on this topic, AFAIK.

Thanks for the response @Jaxom99. I have read the project organisation document and certainly find it useful.

However, I see the CoC as serving other specific purposes not directly linked to the technical direction and development of the project.

I know creating a CoC for a project is quite some work but I think it is important. I am currently involved in drafting a CoC for the Librehosters network, so I see a lot of issues and concerns with such documents.

It would be nice to understand if this is some sort of priority for the project and if not, why.

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That’s probably a subject you should bring out during a meeting. You may expect more answers.

Anyway, to answer you first question, no we don’t have such document.

You could also, if you want to know if people feel concerned about that, create a poll and explain what is it.

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