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i’m running yunohost on raspbi 4, 4gb and use webadmin.

i tried to install chticky notes, it worked, but the notes i take disappear upon reload, even it says, there were saved. do you know how to solve this issue?

how can i integrate this in yunohost?

could anyone please give me a hint on this?

You can use the

And add the css and js script in the html page to have them.

If you want to working chtickynotes, you will have to wait till it gets fixed.

no, any post it or note app will do for me.

thanks, i’ll have a try, i’ve never worked with custom webapps.

@ericg recently updated this package and hopefully that fixed a lot of issue:

Are you using this lastest version ? If not, maybe you could try it to see if it was fixed.

thank you!

i use the version provided by yunohost. how can i update to the new version?

Can you check if your version is 1.0~ynh1 ?

yes, it is. but still, it doesn’t save the notes

Then I’m clueless, sorry.

Can you show the screenshot?

with one teststicker:

same board after reload:

the notes get lost, even if it says “saved”

i tried now, downloaded post it all and uploaded it via ftp. unfortunately i have no clue how to integrate in the hmtl. (i checked the documentation, but i think i included it wrong (header). when i do this, nothing changes in the html.

hi i need to create website like this. is yunohost will be best fit for my needs ?

Indeed there is an issue while saving. The problem is that POST method is not getting retrieved by the PHP, therefore the notes are not being written into json file.

How is this related to this thread? YouHost can help you host your site, but its not a framework for webapp development.

I have opened a PR with the fix.

If you want to try it before the PR gets reviewed and merged into the package, you can try it with:

# yunohost app install --debug

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