Change main domain after isntall?

I just installed yunohost on a DigitalOcean Droplet but made the stupid mistake of using my main domain not the subdomain I intended. Poking around the command line tool I see there is yunohost tools maindomain and it’s apperently suppose to allow the changing of the main domain. However, I can’t figure out how to actually do it, running yunohost tools maindomain prints my current main domain, running yunohost tools maindomain mail.<mydomain> throws an error.

Is it actually possible to change the main domain or should I just reinstall?

With CLi, you first need to add a new domain, then change it to the main domain.

I did add the subdomain first.

I ended up just reinstalling.

Just in case it’s usefull for someone : i think you forgot -n option. The command to change the main domain is :
yunohost tools maindomain -n yournewmaindomain