Change domain name : previous domain still used in ssh prompt




I have installed Yunohost on a new server.

  1. Install Yunohost
  2. Post-install with a dummy domain
  3. Restore system backup with the correct domain name

What I’m I missing?

:fr: admin


J’ai installé Yunohost sur un nouveau serveur.

  1. Installer Yunohost
  2. Post-install avec un domaine
  3. Restaurer le système avec le nom de domaine correct en
  • tout semble correct pour la webmin
  • tout semble correct pour les applications
  • connexion ssh
    • la connexion fonctionne
    • le prompt est admin@temp.ord

Est-ce que j’ai loupé une étape ?

If my understanding is correct, that was the hostname. The post-install uses the domain name for hostname. But restoring a backup does not affect the hostname.

Solved with hostnamectl set-hostname


For reference: it is not necessary to first complete post-install with a dummy domain if you have a complete backup at your disposal.

You can upload your backup (the zip+info) to the server and run the backup restore instead of post-install. It worked great for me!

– edit, sorry, I just see your other post asking about how to do that, I’ll answer there for the next time

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