Change an application from public to private

Hello there!

I’ve installed an application as a public site, and now I want it private.

However I can’t find a setting to set it to private, is there any? If not, where is this setting referenced in the file system, so that it can be edited via ssh?

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Hi there,

I think you can look into /etc/yunohost/apps/<someapp>/settings.yml, there should be a is_public parameter than you can change to 'No' I suppose. After that. you should regen the ssowat conf with :

yunohost app ssowatconf


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Unfortunately, it’s not enough.
Changing this value will not change anything in your app.

There 2 ways to apply this parameter for your app. Either you make an upgrade of your app and the script will going to read this value and apply the parameters. Or you read the install script and you make your app public by yourself.

@Aleks, it’s can be very usefull to have a function, like change-url, for this action :slight_smile:


having an issue like this …i looked in the install script [pufferpanel] and i see

if [ $is_public -eq 1 ]; then

unprotected_uris allows SSO credentials to be passed anyway.

ynh_app_setting_set “$app” unprotected_uris “/”

but i’m not sure what that is doing, so i’m not sure how to “make it public”

fore the record today this is 0 / 1

Hi there,
Does someone could detail a little bit more about how to realize this ? (from private to public in my case)
Thanks !

(Note that this is now doable using the new group/permission system in 3.7)