Can't update or install new app

Hi guys,

I can’t update or install new app on my Yunohost server. I have the following error :

Erreur: "500"

Action: "PUT" /yunohost/api/update/all

Error message:
Unable to retrieve source files, is the URL correct?

While processing the action, the server said:

Retrieving available updates for the system packages...
Application catalog updated...
The application catalog has been updated!
Command '['git', 'ls-remote', '--symref', '', 'HEAD']' returned non-zero exit status 128.

I tried to clone a git repo but i get this error :

fatal: unable to access '': gnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function.

So i thinks my server can’t have acces to github, but i don’t know why.

My config :
Yunohost 11.1.15 stable
Server Debian ECOWAN Yunohost

Thanks for your help.

Is your server IPv6 only? (Github does not have IPv6 access… yet )

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