Can't send email to microsoft exchange recipient / ipcheck.proofpoint blacklisted

Hi There,

Since about 1 mounth, i’ve got issues with emails sending where client are microsoft exchange subscriber.

I know this is not the place for debate for this subject, but I wanna know if anyone have encountered the same problem recently.

I’ve two mail server in the same datacenter, and each IP was blocked by proofpoint, but not blacklisted as mail-tester say. It result that all microsoft exchange recipient can’t recieve our emails because of proofpoint.

Proofpoint seem to be unreachable because a lot of spammers cant to be whitelisted. Bbefore contacting them, I wanna know more and if I can get around this shit. Very problematic :confused:

I have not much expertise on the matter, but the rule of thumb / my understanding is that blacklists are very arbitrary and there’s not magic solution to get removed apart from asking them directly (or filling a deblacklist form is they provide one) :confused:

(Also Microsoft’s mail policy is pure madness, people should just stop using them if they expect to receive the emails people send them…)

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One time we are all going to be raped by this new internet cops and everyone will tell them thank you for let me paying you the right to be… Grrr :rage:

Ok thanks :slight_smile: I will complete their removal request.

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