Can't install Custom webapp as /


  • debian 8
  • yunohost 2
  • 2 domains (1 primary for all my yunohost apps, and 2nd dedicated for the webapp)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the webapp
  2. select the 2nd domain
  3. change URL to /

Navigating to the domain will result in a 404 /site/ not found.

What is the webapp you’re trying to install ?
Can you tell us what’s shown when you check the file /var/log/nginx/<you_domain_name>-access.log ?

I get the same problem with Zerobin, although it has apparently been fixed. Not for me…

Here’s the output of the install of the app. And here’s the access log of nginx. The app I’m attempting to use is the standard app “Custom Webapp + FTP”