Can't get XMPP chat to work


Hello there!

I’m trying to use the XMPP feature of Yunohost.

I’ve enabled related ports on my box and check it works via

However, using Pidgin and documentation here, it seems I can connect, because I can add contacts. But contacts appear as “Not authorized” (non autorisé in french) with an error “Remote server not found” (Serveur distant non trouvé).

Can someone tell me if I missed something?

Self-response, got it :slight_smile:

Missed the dns configuration from

Besides, a cannot add the requested entry to my dns with the OVH administration page. Seems like a bug. I refuses a priority with a value 0. Just changed it to 1 and there it went.

Everything else works fine, I’ve been able to communicate through Pidgin and its plugin OTR.

Now I’m looking for a web client to install in Yunohost to ease the use of my XMPP server, if anyone knows any :slight_smile: