Can't finish Upgrade of Piwigo because of failing admin access

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version:


I upgraded Piwigo on my Yunohost server from 2.9.0 to 2.10.1.
Now if I call yunohost.local/piwigo I get the login page of SSO (yunohost.local/yunohost/sso/). After successful login I get the piwigo site, but it is yunohost.local/piwigo/upgrade.php
There is a message:

This page proposes to upgrade the database from your old Piwigo version to the new version. The upgrade assistant thinks you are currently running release 2.9.0 (or equivalent).

Only an administrator can run an upgrade: please sign in below

But if I try to sign in I get an error:

Invalid password!

  • If I use “root” and the right password, I get “Invalid password!”
  • If I use my SSO-User, which is Piwigo-Admin, I get “Invalid password!”
  • If I use my wife’s account with a wrong password, I get “Invalid password!”
  • If I use my wife’s account with the right password, I get “You do not have access rights to run upgrade”

I don’t know how to get Piwigo running again, since it doesn’t seem to remember that it is connected to SSO and the password of my username is correct …

Can somebody help me?

Happy New Year :slight_smile:


I could solve my problem:

  • Installed phpMyAdmin on my YunoHost server
  • Opened the piwigo database
  • Went into the table user_infos
  • Identified my wife’s user_id and changed the field “status” from “normal” to “admin”
  • Called yunohost.local/piwigo
  • Logged in with my wife’s username and password
  • Login was possible :slight_smile:
  • Continued all steps that were suggested by Piwigo
  • Logged out
  • Changed the database field “status” of my wife’s account from “admin” back to “normal”

Now everything is working again

Hardware : VPS
Yunohost version :

Hi, I’ve the same problem with piwigo but I can’t find an user with no “invalid password” so I can’t do the Schdefoon solution.
Does someone has an idee what to do ?
Thank you and happy new year.


when solving my problem this afternoon I’ve thought about how lucky I was to have an additional user…
I’m not sure what you can do. There’s one additional chance but only with little hope:
You should have an additional entry in your table “user_infos” with status “guest”. As you can see in the table “users” the username is “guest” and the password is empty.
So you might change the entry from “guest” to “admin” and try to login with “guest” without password.
In every case it’s important to change the setting afterwards.

I hope this will work. Maybe you should ask for help in the Piwigo forums how to inject a user in the database if the “guest-trick” doesn’t work.

Here’s another idea:
I’ve set up my wife’s account in the YunoHost admin panel. Create a new user. Then go into the app management and select Piwigo. Give the new user access rights for Piwigo.
If you’re lucky, you’ll find a new user in your Piwigo database. The Password of the user is the one you entered in the admin console. Then do the “Schdefoon solution”.

I did change the guest status to admin. When trying with user guest and password let empty I got invalid password return. I got 4 users for piwigo and all of them get invalid password.

I will probably restore the old piwigo in a first time.

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