Can't bind docker port application with yunohost


I just reinstall yunohost and everytime i try to bind a port with docker I got this error :

docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint amazing_leakey (40d80c51d06f1fdaa3babf4e61ae7ac3cb9e2bf454b34996941f13fdff248463): iptables failed: iptables --wait -t filter -A DOCKER ! -i docker0 -o docker0 -p tcp -d --dport 3000 -j ACCEPT: iptables: No chain/target/match by that name.

But when I do iptable -L

ACCEPT tcp – anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:3000
ACCEPT udp – anywhere anywhere udp dpt:3000

Info :

yunohost: 2.4.2
yunohost-admin: 2.4.2
ssowat: 2.6.0
Docker version 1.12.1

If anyone have an idea …

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, are you using my docker app or just plain Docker? I haven’t updated my app in a while so I suppose you are using plain Docker…

When I face this error it has often something to do with the user running docker.
Have you tried “sudo service docker restart”? Or stopping docker and relaunching with sudo
Otherwise perhaps something related to YNH firewall


Thank’s for you anwser ,

Yes it’s plain Docker, i just restart the docker and … it works Humm sorry for this stupid question didn’t know that docker need to be restart after rules on firewall change but that’s good 2 know ! Many thank’s man :slight_smile: