Can't access Admin-GUI on Yunohost after installing app

i installed a new app (sorry, I can’t remember which, could be OpenVPN) and now I can’t access the admin-gui anymore. It’s stalled with the pacman and says after a few minutes “API is not responding (Error : 0 timeout)”

I’im still on yunohost 2.3 or 2.3 and did not try to update to 2.4.

Any way to solve the problem?

Try to restart the YunoHost API, if yunohost-api service is down you can’t use the web admin.

service yunohost-api restart

If it doesn’t work try to check the log

tail /var/log/yunohost/yunohost-api.log

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Thanks for your answer (and sorry for my late reply). Can’t restart the Yunohost api, i get a lot of errors on the command line with a PHP-script… What does the "service " command mean anyway?

For the log: I have no right to access the /var/log/yunohost/ directory (I’m logged in as an admin, i don’t have root access)

hi try

sudo nginx service restart