Can't access admin GUI anymore after broken update

I tried to update Yunohost and it stalled. I did a reset on the server and now Yunohost runs fine, but I can’t access the admin-gui anymore. It’s stalled with the paceman in an endless loop. After a few minutes I get the error message: “API not responding”

I’m on yunohost 2.4, but I don’t know which version exactly.

I already tried

service yunohost-api restart


sudo nginx service restart

Both didn’t work. I get the error:

-bash: service: command not found


-bash: nginx: command not found

Any way to solve the problem? How can I restart the API and why do the commands above not work?

Maybe you want to try sudo service nginx restart instead?

Thanks for the tip, Yunohost accepted the commands, but the pacman is still there.

Ah, I restarted the api with service yunohost-api restart and now it works! Great, thanks!