Cannot have more than 95 mail aliases?


I am extensively using aliases to have a unique ID on each online account I make.
However, when trying to create the 96th alias using the web interface, I encounter an 500 Internal Server Error :frowning:.
I tried removing an alias an re-adding one, and it works. The problem only seem to appear after the 95th alias.

Had anyone encounter this before?


How come that 95+ aliases can be of any use (just by curiosity)?

The answer to this question is in his comment.[quote=“Gwendal, post:1, topic:1899”]
I am extensively using aliases to have a unique ID on each online account I make.

@Gwendal I have not made 95+ aliases ,but I am close. I use emailpoubelle .

Can try it and tell if it works?

Sorry for the delay in answering.

I have installed emailpoubelle, and although it was a little long to transfer all my aliases there, it seems to work very well, and I managed to have more than 100 aliases without any error :slight_smile:. Thanks!

As compared to yunohost profile editor, the user interface is a little limited (no way to have a list of the aliases in the browser…), but that will do the trick for what I need…

Still, isn’t the limitation to 95 aliases in yunohost a problem? Should I open a bug report somewhere?

I’m using the mail alias like you. 189 and counting :slight_smile:
But I’m adding it with moulinette. Not with the web interface. Otherwise, I would be limited to 10

But I have an old YunoHost version that I didn’t update in a while. (2.0-rc1)

Ah yes I forgot to mention that: I am using a workaround to have more than 10 aliases using only the GUI! It’s true that adding an alias in the GUI does not work… but it works if I try twice in a row to add the same alias…! Weird but it works :slight_smile:

I thought that this was a bug only with my installation, but maybe not?

But using the moulinette is indeed a very good idea, I don’t know why I did not try that. Oh well, too late now, I’ve added everything in emailpoubelle, so that’s my new aliases system from now on :slight_smile: