Cannot connect with natve webdav from windows anymore on owncloud

I used to be able to connect on my owncloud through the native webdav client of windows
with following command

https://drive_path/remote.php/webdav /user:username password
now that I transferred everything on yunohost I can no more do that: It keeps telling me that operation was not performed because user was not authentificated
but I can access it throught the web (with ie) both through web interface and through webdav in typing https://drive_path/remote.php/webdav while I am connected and finally, as a test, throught the owncloud desktop client
anyone had this issue?

The information is really useful which is describe above but i have another issue when i tried to connect Vpn on my windows 10 then it shows an error windows defender error 577, so i want a solution how to remove this error.