Cannot connect to yunohost nextcloud with nextcloud client

try to find any help of how to connect the nextcloud desktop app (win10) to the yunohost nextcloud.
but the dialog refuses to connect.
on the other side I cann connect via browser and local admin with no problem
As there were other topics with no solutions to this I have to ask again
What would be the correct path that has to be given in the nextcloud client to connect to my own server?
I tried // with or without / at the end always the same :

all ports are open and working
please assist to get the client working


Have you given visitors permission access to the nextcloud app from the web admin interface ?

for what ever reason the the next cloud was missing only api hat the visitors right .
Added somehow Nextcoud no it is working!

Great help
Thank you very much!

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Thank you for the tip. I was having same problem, and I’ve been pulling out my hair trying to fix it for the past 3 days! This resolved it, and it now working as it should!

Great guys. Can you mark the thread as solved? :slight_smile:

Hi guys ! My head is about to explode, i’ve the same issue but i can’t find the option to give permission access from the web admin interface :frowning:

In the admin interface go to “users” :

Manage groups

Add permission to nextcloud api

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
You made my day !
I was in the nextcloud admin interface…

Many thanks !!

How do you do this with the CLI? I tried:

yunohost user group add visitors nextcloud

…but it just tells me:
The group 'visitors' cannot be edited manually. It is a special group representing anonymous visitors

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