[Canceled]Problem with ssh login

Hi, I just tried to configure my connection to my server, and I failed ^^"
I followed this doc. But I did’nt do the ssh-keygen becaus I already had a SSH key (from a previous computer).
I set the PasswordAuthentication to no.
I did this:
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <votre_serveur_yunohost>

And now I can’t access to my server, i get this:
Permission denied (publickey).

How can I manage this?
I just installed the server so I can restart it easily if it is neede. I just wonder if my let’s encrypt certificate will be renewable without problem on the fresh server with the same domain name?

I don’t know hot to delete my post, sorry.

I finaly restarted my VPS. And it’s fine now ^^