Can we use different ports for yunohost domain hosting? (Similiar to sandstorm?)

I self host nextcloud on my ubuntu server. Bc of this, my yunohost instance on my raspberry pi can’t access port 443 or 80.

Before I got to install Yunohost, I experimented with Sandstorm. They do something where they offer a sub-domain (just like yunohost), but it redirects it fine (using UnP?) All I have to do is put in the domain

It requires that the port is typed out after the address to get direct access, but it works in and outside my network.

Would devs consider a future implementation similar to this?

Otherwise, would I have to use a reverse proxy as a work around to access the yunohost subdomain for use? I’m still pretty new to networking so just wanted to know… FYI, Everything works in admin access, but no user access.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t know why so many people are interested in this … My experience is that it works in theory but this is in fact hell in practice because there are many implicit assumptions all over the places that you’re not using a custom port. Also this is just really impractical for human beings.

I can understand why you would feel this way. I probably would if I were in your shoes. After doing some research, the reason for so many people being interested in this is because services like yunohost are becoming easier and easier to use (e.g. Nextcloud Hub v.19 baking in office collaboration software by default instead of a separate document-server that has to get configured).

Having so many people into this is in fact a great trend - and a great time to find out why so many people are interested. It could be an opportunity for the project. It means self hosted projects are more accessible to more people, which will then cause even more users of those platforms to spread the word…and when people are hosting more than one thing, a work around of this nature can go a long way in user adoption.

I found their github. Might be worth checking out to see how they do it.

Anyways, hope this helps.

Alright but still the initial problem is :

I self host nextcloud on my ubuntu server. Bc of this, my yunohost instance on my raspberry pi can’t access port 443 or 80.

Which is basically “How can I host two servers behind the same connection”

One way is to use a different port than 80 / 443, but honestly I don’t think it’s the way to go. For example, one issue you will encounter is that you won’t be able to install Let’s Encrypt certificates because Let’s Encrypt assume it’s gonna be able to access the machine on port 80. And that’s just one issue among many others.

A more reasonable solution should be to have a proper reverse proxy, but then it’s always a mess to setup. It can be made easier if the “front” server is a yunohost (e.g. using redirect_ynh or similar) but people in your case (i.e. already have a server, want to host an additional yunohost on a different machine) by definition already have a server … and that would be logical to use that one as the front. Which means we can’t really make it easier because that depends too much on the configuration of that server…

But my point is : it’s already an advanced use case. People who keep it simple or start from nothing won’t encounter that issue of “how do I design my reverse proxy”.

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