Can´t connect to the server after update

After the last update / upgrade and ssh migration today my Yunohost installation is not working any more – can´t connect to the server. What did I do wrong ? during the manual update i did not change the default option…
thanks for help

Why can’t you connect to the server, what happens when you try …

Did you read the disclaimer about the root / admin user for SSH connection ?

Puuhhhh… over night some problems habe vanished… but belive me I´n not making this up… yesterday night the server and domains and every installation was NOT accessible… even so i changed nothing - right no it is accessible again… don´t know what is going on … Puhhhh

with “shell in a Box” login as “admin” AND “root” does work.

with a ssh clint login just a login as admin does now work. Since the files are owned by “root” i can´t edit now files not just with admin rights. Is there a way to cahnge this?
Thanks so much

so did some more testing…

right now ssh login by a client is again not possible - gives me a timeout error

After login in as admin, just use sudo su to become root

Before this happen, did you try to login and failed to authenticate (e.g. typo while typing password) ? Note that fail2ban will ban your IP for 10~15 minutes if you failed to authenticate more than 5 times …


OK - fail2ban could explain something… Yes i tried first to login by root - and this did not work

sudo su does work by comandline but what do I do when I want to use Filezilla / WinscO or PCManFM ?