Can get this website files to work on yunohost just blank page

YunoHost (stable).
my_capsule Current version: 1.4.0~ynh3 (cant install broken) but dont even show the index.php just blank page.
h5ai Installed version: 0.30.0~ynh4 (currently have it installed) shows the index.php and setup page but after i click proceed to next page to check key blank page.

website files: Premium URL Shortener - Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes by KBRmedia

i tried using that my_capsule, My Webapp but blank page

when i try and use H5AI i write over the files on the folder i get to install / setup page but cant go paste the validate page its blank.

im not sure what to do or what i am doing wrong.

i like YOURLS but i really like this one im trying to do.

i just want to profile bio page for my links and the short url for… links. i dont care about the membership or signups as that will be off i dont want users its personal.

i am tempted just to do YOURLS for url and basic index.html bio page

I have moved your post into the Support Apps section. Can you add details on your YunoHost and my_webapp versions? :slight_smile:

Is the app a PHP-based one? or something else?

If you get a blank page, can you check the browser console, as well as NGINX logs right after you load the page?

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post updated with details of yunohost and my_cap 1st post above.

im not sure what to look for on the browser console

here is the link to the logs

i could not install my_cap as i got an error today about a gemserv log here

yes its PHP files

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