Call for testing my first packaging of an app: a web interface for youtube-dl!

Hello everyone!

I’m finally confident enough to share with you my first try at packaging an existing application for Yunohost: it’s a web interface for Youtube-dl, a tool that allows you to download Youtube videos. I’d love to have people testing it, and also to suggest improvements on the packaging itself!

The repo is

I’m also open for a name for the app before asking it to be added to the Yunohost apps: there is an existing youtube-dl-webui already!



Isn’t it the same upstream app ?

Dunno, the repo it’s pointing to doesn’t exist anymore:

Indeed, I can’t say.

Well, sure users will be happy to have a new one.

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Did you try your app with package check ?

Ok, found this

Well, that’s the first thing to do as it will help you trig errors in your package.
And actually, I just tried and got a level 0.

A check_process would help you.

Thanks for the package.
I have just started to work with yunohost.
However, I have been using the CLI version of youtube-dl on my Ubuntu computer for some time.
I use it to download videos not only from youtube but also from other media libraries.
That doesn’t seem to work with the web UI?
This URL can be downloaded by CLI Version but dos not seem to be processed via web ui.

May be it uses an outdated version of youtube-dl?
Do you know which version works in the background and how could update it?
I also didn’t find any debug logs. The directory /var/log/youtube-dl-webui/ is empty.

@roukydesbois About the name i suggest you to rename in because the other app doesn’t exists so the name is free.

Hello @swinter and thanks for installing the app!

I haven’t tested with other links than youtube ones. In the backend, I’m installing youtube-dl through pip. So if you want to know what version you’re running, ssh in your server and run:

source /opt/yunohost/youtube-dl-webui/venv/activate
youtube-dl --version

There is a CRON job running every night to update it, on top of that. So it should be a quite recent version, and I’m guessing the issue comes from the application itself. I haven’t yet spend too much time looking into how it worked but more in packaging it, I’ll have a look now.

Regarding the logs, I’ll have the same answer: I don’t really know how/where they are stored, I’ll look into it.

I have created 2 issues based on your feedback:

Isn’t it an issue for people who have installed the first version? I guess I could handle this through an upgrade script, but I have no idea how the previous one was or worked…

I took a little look at the application. It is clearly arranged, so even I as a beginner can understand how it should work.

The cause of the issue seems to be in the web-ui app. Youtube provides numerous meta-information for each download order, what other providers don’t do. If not all expected information is available, the main process crashes in the module The method “update_info” tries to assign the expected properties to the dictionary “info_dict”. Before doing so, the program should ensure that the keys are available at all.

Because of the missing logging, I found that the module is expected to initialize the logging. But as far as I see, this module is not called at all. I have copied the corresponding program parts to and changed file locations in logging.json, to make logging work.

I also noticed the following entry in /var/log/syslog:

  • Serving Flask app “youtube_dl_webui.server” (lazy loading)
  • Environment: production
    WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment.
    Use a production WSGI server instead.

I don’t know if the warning indicates a security problem?

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