[Borg & Borg Server] Deduplicated, encrypted and remote backups

:frowning: it is not (instalable).

many thanks :+1:

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I recreated my repo at Borgbase (deleted and created another), and the app stopped to work after updating the link. Fails on init. Should I reinstall it, or did someone had this issue already? =(

I think you should reinstall the borg app, or search in /var/log/borg the reason why it failed.

If you change the repo destination, it could be an issue with ssh key or fingerprint issue.

borg list YOUR_REPO

To know more

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that did the trick
I really try not to solve problems with re-installs. =(( Seems like I shouldn’t change the repo until Borg app get some more pace of update and maintenance.

Thank you!

Yeah, I knew this topic existed !

So, HUGE upgrade of borg apps, here is the full changelog : Important notes — Borg - Deduplicating Archiver 1.2.8 documentation
(This is the version 1.1.17, yesterday your server was on 1.1.16, so 1.1.17 and everything up to 1.2.8 are to read, this is too many for me)

And just in case the message was not read, on upgrade there is this message, particularly important if you have multiple instances :

This app has gone through a major revamp!

The upgrade should be mainly transparent to you. However, if you have multiple instances of this app, one upgrade will break other instances and you’ll need to upgrade every instance of borg installed on your server.

Also, developer aren’t flawless and we might have missed something during our tests.

We highly recommend to check that your backups are still being created after the upgrade.

You can manually trigger borg backups from command line with:

systemctl start borg

Or, for a single app, for example Nextcloud:

sudo yunohost backup create --apps nextcloud --methods borg_app

If you find any issue or have a doubt, feel free to contact the YunoHost team on Github or Matrix.

Backups are important. In any case, check your backups regularly.


Hi, thanks again for the huge work !

  • Can we setup borg not to backup the data repo for specific cases ? My case is that I have a server at home with borgwarehouse, acting as a borg server, but I also want to back it up. However, when I launch a backup it creates a backup of my borgwarehouse repos… which is a kind of loop deduplicating all backups !
  • I have found an annoying bug with the config panel not showing up (see github issues)

if you need to access borg in your server, I’ve learnt today we need to use its virtual environment:

cd /var/www/borg
venv/bin/borg command borg-file

untill this last version we could use it directly using borg from anywhere in the system.

please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

(I trying to restore some files now)


Also found this out today. Maybe we should add this to the documentation? There is no documentation how to use borg YunoHost app store | Borg Backup


I don’t understand why I am receving the following alerts from borg_server (on pi4 / borg_backup is on a VPS) whereas the backup process works properly :

Subject of the email:
Cron root@mydomain : Monitor SSH_USER backup ; ALERT_DELAY=“$(grep ‘^alert_delay: ’ /etc/yunohost/apps/APP/settings.yml | awk -F’ ‘{print $2}’)”; [[ $(find /home/SSH_USER/backup/data -follow -mtime -${ALERT_DELAY} -ls | wc -l) > 0 ]] || ( echo “No file has been backuped in /home/SSH_USER since ${ALERT_DELAY} days” | mail -s “[YNH] Backup missing : SSH_USER” $(grep '^alert_mails: ’ /etc/yunohost/apps/APP/settings.yml | awk ‘{print $2}’))

Body of the message:
grep: /etc/yunohost/apps/APP/settings.yml: No such file or directory
find: invalid argument -' to -mtime’
grep: /etc/yunohost/apps/APP/settings.yml: No such file or directory
mail: No recipients specified

I had to uninstall and reinstall a few times borg_ynh and borg_server_ynnh to get a functional configuration. Could be the cause ?