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Hey Guys,

Sorry for my simple question, but I do this the first time……

I try to install Borg Backup App on my Yunohost Server.
I like to make it local on a different disk, what I need to writ in:

What is the domain name of the host server where backups will be sent?

Thanks for answer

You can just follow the tutorial, but unstall the server and the client on the same computer.
To have it on a separate disk, you’ll have to create a link from the backu folder to the external disk.
(My server is down right now so I can’t have access to my conf, but I’m 100% sure the info is somewhere on the forum)

Hello Mamie, may you can send me the tutorial, i can not find it. I understand that i need to install the Server and the client on the same server. is that right?

I understand that I need to install borg server and then borg back up

I started in application, at first borg server

The first Question is what I need to write in

Indicate the public key given by borg_ynh app

Then I install Borg Backup APP

What is the domain name of the host server where backups will be sent?

Ist this the IP of my Server??

For example

Thank for answers

Follow what is indicated here :
But server A and B are both your server.

Do it in the right order (1st client, then server)

On my side, I used the external name of my server ( for example), but I think your local IP adress will work just fine.

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