Bookwyrm on Yunohost?

It would be super cool if also the Fediverse App Bookwyrm could be installed by Yunohost


I fully agree. I’d love to spin up a BookWyrm instance.


Seems we need this… then someone could spin up a Y-U-NO-READ instance!

I fully agree. I’d love to spin up a BookWyrm instance.

Same, but I’m not sure how it will affect all the other services I have running. Needs some investigation I think!

installation of BookWyrm is still just with docker offered… so I guess this does not play well with Yunohost at the moment :frowning:

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You can still follow command-line instructions to install Docker and boot up Bookwyrm. :wink:
Then you can use a Redirect app in proxy mode to integrate Bookwyrm in the user panel.

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I tried Bookwyrm on a few days ago. It’s a solid start on a GoodReads replacement, but importing from GoodReads CSV is still not amazing.

A good project to keep an eye on though!

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Looks like this is happening!

(Only the basic YunoHost package template right now, but hopefully there’s more following soon! :crossed_fingers:)


OOOOOOH! Really cool. I want to get rid of GoodReads one day.

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