Blank app installation page

I packaged the LibreSpeed application and during my tests I used the command line to install it with :
sudo yunohost app install librespeed
On this side, no problem.

But I have just been informed that if I try to install the app via the Web Admin (https://domain.tld/yunohost/admin/#/apps/install/librespeed) you will get a blank page. I don’t understand why this is happening or where it comes from. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

When I am talking about a blank page, it actually looks like that :

It might be dur to missing ask key in your manifest specific question

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Thank you very much for your answer @ljf !
I add the key ‘ask’ in this part of the manifest.json and I think it should solve the trouble ! Now waiting for the CI result to merge into master.

                "name": "mail",
                "type": "string",
                "ask": {
                    "en": "E-mail adress to contact",
                    "fr": "Couriel de contact"
                "help": {
                    "en": "Email address to contact for stats deletion requests",
                    "fr": "Couriel à contacter pour demander une suppression des statistiques"
                "example": ""