Blacklisted or not?


Bonjour, Hy,

configuration : Old computer / yunohost 4.2.4

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An automatic diagnosis tells me that my ip is blacklisted on Invaluement : “unauthorized or malfunctioned access to invaluement - using old/outdated host names - so now ALL queries get a ‘listed’ answer - STOP misusing invaluement - contact invaluement for a valid subscription with valid access instructions”

But the Invaluement Delist Request tells me that " STATUS: (your submission) is NOT currently blacklisted"

Can you explain the contradiction ?

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Bonjour, le diagnostique automatique de yunohost me dit que mon ip est blacklistĂ© sur Invaluement, pourtant, le site d’Invaluement me dit l’inverse. (voir dĂ©tails dans la version en anglais çi dessus.
Pouvez-vous expliquer la contradiction ?

Duplicate with Is Invaluement diagnosis need upgrade?.

Sorry, I did a mistake in my research of the keyword “Invaluement” on the forum.
Thank you

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