Best way to transfer files from/to a distant YNH

Hey everyone,

I have YNH installed on a Kimsufi dedicated server. It’s rocking for the moment. I’ll make a feedback when everything is setup right.

I have what may be a noob question:

What is the best way to transfer files from a local machine to my server ?
For the moment I use Nextcloud. But I think it should be better to use a ftp app, to have a queue and to be able to restore a failed transfer. What do you use ?

The perfect thing should be to choose a folder and to compare between local and distant, and sync. Does Nextcloud is allright to do it or is it better to use anything else ?

Thanks a lot!

I think what you are looking for is FileZilla (FTP client) ? There’s a documentation / tutorial here :

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OK thanks I missed it…

If you plan to sync nextcloud to your computer, you may also be interested by nextcloud-client

it will sync nextcloud with your phone/computer, …

After connecting to my server in sftp with a sftp client, am I supposed to be able to write on folders I have created with Nextcloud ? I am connected as admin or root, but can’t write, I got an error on my sftp app (Cyberduck on mac).