Baikal connexion issue


I recently decided to install Baikal to synchronize my calendar between my laptop (Thunderbird) and my phone (DAVx5).

The installation completed successfully, I was able to log in as admin and create a new user, a new calendar etc.

However, when trying to add the new calendar to my phone or to my laptop, it was always failing but without any error message.

After quite a long time, I realized that by default, Baikal is expecting a connection using LDAP. I changed it to “basic” and it is now working.

If it can help…



Many thanks ! it resolve my problem !


I’m taking advantage of this discussion because I can’t configure the connection using LDAP.

I’ve changed the value of the two dc attributes in the LDAP DN template field (by the way, I think I should also replace cn with displayname for the next field according to this : SSO/LDAP integration | Yunohost Documentation). With this, I no longer get Internal server error message with agendav, but I still can’t authenticate as a user.

I’ve tried the url but I can’t log in when I enter my credentials in the pop-up.

I must have missed something, but I can’t work out what.

Thanks in advance !

I have the same issue, no way to authenticate on whatever the authentication type I use.
And my LDAP users are not automatically visible in Baikal GUI.
I reinstalled Yunohost server from scratch but still does not work…

Well my understanding is that LDAP just does not work for Baïkal despite the app being level 8. I am not the only one with the same problem, it looks general.

By any chance, if it can help, I am running Yunohost on a Olinuxino-Lime.

I suggest you submit a new issue to the github page: Issues · YunoHost-Apps/baikal_ynh · GitHub if you really need the LDAP authentication.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply.

Before creating a new issue on the github page, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake in my configuration.

According to this : Baikal | Yunohost Documentation, the connection with the LDAP directory should work :

By default, Baïkal is configured to look for users in YunoHost’s LDAP directory. YunoHost’s users will appear under User and ressources menu after their first authentication.

What I didn’t manage to do was authenticate users for the first time.

If I don’t find a solution in a few weeks, I’ll file a bug report on github.

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Hi all

FWIW, after several months of tweaking and experiments, I also was not able to authenticate users in Baikal.

Good luck with the ticket and experiments, and let us know how it goes!