Backup error: missing "/etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/conf" file?

My YunoHost configuration

# yunohost -v
  repo: stable
  version: 2.7.10
  repo: stable
  version: 2.7.7
  repo: stable
  version: 2.7.7
  repo: stable
  version: 2.7.7

Description of my problem

I did a backup which was a success but with one error :

yunohost backup create --verbose
Error: File does not exist: '/etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/conf’
Error: Unable to backup the ‘conf’ system part
Backup tar archive created
Success! Backup created
name: 20180325-223047
baikal: Success
jirafeau: Success
nextcloud: Success
rainloop: Success
shellinabox: Success
transmission: Success
conf: Error
conf_cron: Success
conf_ldap: Success
conf_nginx: Success
conf_ssh: Success
conf_ssowat: Success
conf_xmpp: Success
conf_ynh_certs: Success
conf_ynh_currenthost: Success
conf_ynh_firewall: Success
conf_ynh_mysql: Success
data_home: Success
data_mail: Success
size: 2415792882

Actually, in the folder “/etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup” is only a “conf” folder (with the file “nginx.conf” inside), but no “conf” file.

Any idea on what is wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!

It’s really strange to have a nginx.conf file in /etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/conf !

Do you have put it yourself ? Which app did you installed/removed ?

I did not put any file by myself in /etc/yunohost/

I am running this yunohost instance for three years. Currently, my apps are: baikal, jirafeau, nextcloud, rainloop, shellinabox, transmission.

Previously, I was running owncloud and roundcube (replaced by, respectively, nextcloud & rainloop).

Anyone to help investigating that issue?

SO I suggest you to remove the strange file /etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/conf/nginx.conf
And to remove rm -Rf /etc/yunohost/hooks.d/backup/conf

Thank you for your advice. I will try, check the result and let you know soon.

I did what ljf proposed and it worked. Thanks!

However, it seems that the files shared by Transmission are also backed up. Is that the wanted behavior? Because this is quite heavy. As they are in a folder named /home/yunohost.XXX, I assumed they would not be backed up.