Automatic email received if system or app update available


Hi everybody,

There was recently a bug in Debian regarding glibc. Very easy to sort out (for us users) with aptitude update && aptitude upgrade.

As my Yunohost works very well, I tend to “let it work by itself and don’t touch it much”. This is great as it means the system and the apps are stable. Good work guys ! :smiley:

So, would it be possible to have an option in the web interface of Yunohost so that an update of the list of software (both Debian and YnH) is done periodically (let’s say everyday) with an email sent to me each time there is a something to update with the software being listed ?

I really would like to keep the update done by myself, manually, when I take the time to do so (in case it breaks something, I would prefer to be there) and not having a fully automatic system.

How could we implement this please ?

Version française :smile:

Salut tout le monde,

Il y a eu récemment un bug dans Debian impactant glibc. Très facile à régler (pour nous utilisateurs finaux) avec un aptitude update && aptitude upgrade.

Comme mon installation YnH fonctionne très bien toute seule, je m’y connecte en direct très rarement (et de moins en moins plus le temps passe car pas de raison particulière). C’est génial, ça veut dire que le système est très stable et fonctionnel. Beau boulot tout le monde ! :smiley:

Donc, serait-il possible d’avoir une option dans l’interface web de YnH pour avoir une mise à jour automatique de la liste des soft du système et de YnH (disons une fois par jour) avec un email qui me serait envoyé (adresse à définir) uniquement si une MAJ est disponible en indiquant les soft concernés dans l’email?

J’aimerais beaucoup garder le fait de mettre à jour manuellement, comme ça je peux le faire par moi même, lorsque j’ai le temps. Ça me laisse la possibilité de récupérer le coup s’il y a un truc de cassé. Pas de système tout automatique.

Comment pourrions nous implémenter tout cela svp ?

The tool you’re looking for already exists for Debian packages and is called apticron.

Simply apt-get install apticron and you should be ok. Mails are sent once a day to root@localhost. Only make sure to configure an alias for your user for this email address to receive them on your standard Yunohost mail account and you’re done.
You can tweak a few settings in /etc/apticron/apticron.conf if required.

I personnally strongly support integrating this tool automatically in Yunohost, because I think few users know about the existence and the usefullness of this tool.

As per the Yunohost apps, I strongly agree we need to develop a similar tool, notifying of pending app updates, with changelog diffs etc. There is nothing ready yet for that.

Last note. You also want to install the debian-goodies package, and run the checkrestart executable (as sudo) after each apt-get upgrade to verify which daemon needs a restart. With the latest libc update, you have to restart more or less every daemon, and a simple reboot will be more efficient.

Since I’ve installed cron-apt
I will see if it works and definitely have a look at apticron!
Thank you!

I confirm that cron-apt works very well. You can also specify to use aptitude instead of apt.

The only thing missing then is the update of the yunohost apps themselves and if the devs do something about it, they can also super easily do the same for the system apps, because it’s nearly all already there. All missing is a cron task and an email sent !

So, I tried both cron-apt and apticron and my feedbackback is the following : apticron sends much “nicer” emails in the reports.

So I am going to recommend apticron.

This being said, apticron is very basic compared to cron-apt. So If you are looking for a simple email when there is an update, fine, but if you want to do lots of stuff, you may be looking for cron-apt instead.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know about it