[armadiettu_ynh] config_panel : assistance welcome


I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my config_panel, there’s something I don’t understand :confused:

and the error message is quite cryptic:

Error: "500" Internal Server Error

Action: "GET" /yunohost/api/apps/armadietto/config-panel?full&locale=en

Error message :
Failed to read values from control panel.

See the branch:

What if you remove line 2
name= "Armadietto configuration panel"

same error message but in French

Erreur: "500" Internal Server Error

Action: "GET" /yunohost/api/apps/armadietto/config-panel?full&locale=fr

Message d'erreur :
Échec de la lecture des valeurs du panneau de configuration.

By commenting out ynh_abort_if_errors in the scripts/config file, the config panel is displayed correctly… :thinking: