Anonymising links in app specific documentation

Certain app specific documentation can contain links to other websites, blogs etc.

One example is the troubleshooting notes of the app Firefox SyncStorage For Yunohost.

As you can see, a link to a guide is provided, however, that link takes you to a personal blog. While I couldn’t detect any analytics service on the page, it is possible that any linked page could have one, which eventually would list the referrers.

If you follow those links through the GitHub repository, that’s fine, but the same link is displayed in the administration pages of Yunohost instance as well. Clicking that link will list the URL of the users’ Yunohost instance as the referrer. The linked domains might expire, and less friendly people might register those domains. While this certainly is not a massive issue, some users might want to hide their Yunohost instances’ main URL.

My question is, should the links in package documentation always anonymised using a service like Is there a best practice for this kind of situation? I know (or any other similar service) is not a 100% credible service, as we don’t know who exactly runs it. Would Yunohost consider providing an anonymisation service like that?


Interesting, apparently we could disable referrer sending using a simple meta tag in the webadmin: Remove http referer - Stack Overflow

Made a PR : Disable sending referer when clicking on links to external websites by alexAubin · Pull Request #573 · YunoHost/yunohost-admin · GitHub

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Thank you, Aleks, for prompt response! I wasn’t aware of the referer metatag, it looks like that’s going to be a simple but effective solution.