Alltube app not working


J’ai installé l’application Alltube. Mais quand j’essaye de l’utiliser et mets l’adresse d’une vidéo à télécharger j’ai un message d’erreur.
Faut-il installer aussi youtube-dl en plus ou l’application l’a-t-elle déjà installée ?
Où sont téléchargés les vidéos ?



I have installed the Alltube application. But when I try to use it and put the address of a video to download I get an error message.
Do I have to install youtube-dl as well or has the application already installed it?
Where are the videos downloaded?


I’ve installed it a few days ago, and it works great.
But I’ve directly installed from the testing branch because it handles the version 3.0. Maybe you can try it too ?

sudo yunohost app upgrade alltube -u --debug
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Thank you. I upgraded to the testing branch version and it is working fine now.

However, I am looking for an app that can download to my server, in the background.

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