After update to Yunohost 2.4: Menus are a mix of new and old and I don't know which version I have

Sounds funny: I updated to Yunohost 2.4 via the command line and everything seemed to work fine, except some minor script errors.

I can now boot into Yunhost and everything works, but the strange things is: the cli interface has been localized, but the Icons (for “Apps” for example) are still the old ones. When I click on “monitoring” the pacman appears, but after a few seconds, disappears and nothing happens, I can’t get into the “monitoring” sub menu. The backup-menu still shows the message that it’s not implanted yet and the sub menu in “Extras” is the old one etc. - all things that should not happen with 2.4.

How can I find out, which version of Yunohost is on my server?

On the admin web at https://domain.tld/yunohost/admin/#/tools/versions

or from CLI:

sudo yunohost --version

Thanks for that really quick and helpful answer! I can’t check it with the web admin, when I go to “tools” there is no "versions "menu. But I did from the CLI and I have 2.4.1.

But why do I not have the right menus? And why can#t i use the backup for example? Can this be a mix between 2.2 and 2.4?


@zohan : try to clear your browser caches ( ctrl-F5 or ctrl-shift-R ) ; And also try with another browser to see if the issue is still there.

@opi: You are right, that’s it. I feel so stupid…:wink: But I’m also glad, it works. Thanks for the help!

thanks for reply. I mark this topic as solved