Admin/#/tools/security-feed is it abandoned?

i visited https://XXXXX/yunohost/admin/#/tools/security-feed

but info there is very old … 2017

maybe it is time to update or remove this interface ?
or maybe it is time for me to upgrade

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Yes indeed the last security issue we relayed dates back from 2017, but what about it … Is there something in particular that made you visit tools/security-feed in the first place ?

Also you should be aware that YunoHost 2.7.x is really outdated and you should migrate to YunoHost 3.x before it’s too late…

sorry for my ignorance, what would be the way to upgrade ?

i tried to do update via web interface and it looks like some packages got errors in installing
actually tried several times with similar result… i didn’t compare line to line …

also i tried to update via command line, and also got some errors

yunohost tools update

Then please show the errors :confused:

After this you should follow

sounds like a potential soource of time consumation :slight_smile: will do that later ))
and probably on a mirror server…