Admin password OK in CLI, note in the graphical interface


I have a Wrong password admin in the graphical interface but OK in CLI (even root access)

I tried all actions proposed here!

  • YNH update, dist-update…
  • yunohost tool adminpw ok and same issue with the new password
  • localhost in hostname
  • No slapd directory or file ???

admin account:

Always this issue :frowning:

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Version :slight_smile: :
yunohost: repo: stable version:
yunohost-admin: repo: stable version:
moulinette: repo: stable version:
ssowat: repo: stable version: 3.6.4


By the way,
can we launch the admin panel in the command line and from the admin account :slight_smile: !

And does a “YNH General Commands Manual” document exist (like man yunohost)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, but you have this documentation page: yunohost --help should be informative.

Regarding your issue, have you, by any chance, initially set the password through the CLI? Is it possible that it is set to another keyboard mapping? Like, you would think you are typing 1, but actually it is a special character that is typed in? Or like a in azerty that becomes q in qwerty?

Thank you for this feedback.
Keyboard is ok :slight_smile:

Finally, I have reinstalled YUNOHOST :slight_smile:

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