Acknowledgements for our patrons


This topic is meant to thanks our patrons, who donate money to the YunoHost project.

If you are a patron and you don’t want your name to be listed here, please tell us when your making a donation or afterward.

Ce topic est destiné à remercier nos mécènes, qui donnent de l’argent au projet YunoHost.

Si vous êtes un mécène et que vous ne voulez pas que votre nom soit inscrit ici, merci de nous en informer lors de votre don ou par la suite.

Thanks to our patrons, who donate money to the YunoHost project recently,

Thanks to Axel L, Thomas L, Victor G and Yassine. :star_struck:
And a special big thanks to Christophe I and Thomas R for their huge donations. :star_struck:

Thank you so much guys :heart::heart::heart:


We recently receive donations from “Sondages Pro”, that the only name I have… and Dominique Monsieur OUDY.
Thanks for their contribution :heart:


Thanks to Jean-François S. for his donation to YunoHost. :tada:


Thanks to Matthieu A for his donation today :heart_eyes:


Thanks to Lukas F and Finn S for their donation :tada::tada:


Thanks to Till Steffen W for his donation :star_struck:

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Thanks to Michael G for his donation. :grinning:

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Thanks to Rodolphe R for his donation :smiley:

Thanks to Pierre C for his donation :star_struck: