Access to the XMPP server?


I saw on a video that Yunohost installs a XMPP server with metronom ; I checked my serveur and Metronom is actually running.

But when i try to configure Pidgin with my login@mydomain.tld and my Yunohost password, it does not connect ; it seems that the ports are opened

Any idea ?

I installed movim on my server ; I can add some contacts, send them some messages that they receive but they can not add me as contacts and can not write me back (I do not receive anything)

Thank you

Is this a server at home ? If so, did you route the port correctly from your internet box to your server ?

You can check if your ports seems to be opened with https//

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Wow ! Thank you so much !
Thanks to you, I discovered that my ports were not authorized : the network GUI of my VPS provider was not as clear as I thought

This is a great tool !

Hehe, cool ! :smiley: