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You have already added my apps in featured. :slight_smile:


Hum, yes they can see that before installing any apps, and for this new feature I made a PR to integrate this information into the app list.
But should I understand that you want to create a poll to know on what our users relate to ?

Oh ok, that’s perfect then.


Yes, it would nice to know that.


Feel free to do it on the forum :slight_smile:


Sooo, reviving the discussion. I think so far it’s not 100% clear what the purpose of featured apps are

Here I mainly see criteria related to quality, good practices and mid-term active maintainenance of the app. That sounds more to me like a “Level 8” (which would be nice to have and following those criteria indeed).

But I think my initial idea of “featured apps” was also apps that relates to :

  • accessibility : the quality and accessiblity of the upstream app itself ;
  • meaningful : the fact that there is an existing high demand / interest for this app … or that it is accessible and is an answer to a “typical need”, yet people don’t know this app yet ;
  • technical trustability : the fact that the quality/integration is good (at least level 7) (c.f. list of criteria from Maniack) ;
  • ethics and spirit ? : which apps we, as a project, want to promote / recommend, e.g. license, reliance on evil 3rd parties, does the packaging fit the spirit of YunoHost, … ;

For now, apart from the quality criteria which can be defined objectively, at lot of this is are of course subjective …

In terms of what we actually do with this featured app category, I think it could act as a “default category” or “default filter” when one enters the app store. So instead of having a huge list of 100+ apps (which is impressive, granted), you would see the list of featured apps. And then you can browse “all” or specific categories like “email tools” or “collaborative tools” and whatever … But the point is that you wouldn’t be overwhelmed by so many different apps, some of them corresponding to ~small usecases ? Instead, you could immediately browse 10~30 well-known, high-quality, “sexy”/accessible apps in which many users are likely to be interested.

So for instance I think (again, that’s subjective so to be discussed) :

  • Nextcloud is to me the most obvious app which should be flagged as featured
  • Etherpad and Rainloop as well for instance ?
  • e.g. Discourse and Keeweb, if they do work well and fits the quality criteria ? (I realize I don’t know so many apps)
  • Apps like 20euros or Hextris are definitely not to be “featured”, I think, despite they possible quality :wink:
  • GlowingBear is level 7 and quite stable, yet its packaging doesn’t fit the spirit of YunoHost as you need to install weechat manually …
  • Kanboard is level 7 and official, but I would really not recommend it because of its bleeding-eyes UI … (though I guess some people might find it useful, but it’s not really accessible)
  • But for instance Wekan would be a good candidate for featured apps, if it did fit the other quality criteria :stuck_out_tongue:

So idk, that’s my random thoughts. That also raise questions like how to decide collectively about those …


I redefine criteria in my pull request https://github.com/YunoHost/apps/pull/677/files#diff-04c6e90faac2675aa89e2176d2eec7d8R73.
Still they’re mostly about objective quality and quite the same.

Adding subjective criteria as you defined them could indeed be a good idea. But they would be clearly defined, maybe by asking questions in a small survey.
Which do not change that it’ll be totally subjective.

Considering code quality only, as the level above 7 aren’t used. We could consider rethinking those levels to maybe match that criterion. As a not automatic level of course.