Ability to skip Yunohost update process and leave it to the App

I recently started experiencing an issue on Discourse app installed via Yunohost where link previews in a post are no longer generated. Though hard to reproduce I suspect this is Yuno-related as I know one other Discourse forum that has the same issue, and it is also installed via Yunohost. Whereas other forums I installed directly don’t have the issue.

But this is not the reason for creating this topic…

The purpose of Yunohost is to significantly ease the management of servers and self-hosted apps for people who aren’t sysadmins. And Yunohost is on a great path there. But once issues do occur the story turns around. Now there’s not only the app to troubleshoot but also its relationship with Yuno as an intermediate layer.

In the particular case of Discourse, the forum software from itself offers are really slick and intuitive update / upgrade process via its own Admin UI. But it has been disabled in favor of the Yunohost update functionality.

→ If an app has nailed the update process, is there a need for Yunohost to force its own procedures? Shouldn’t there be an ability to exclude apps from Yuno update management and update themselves?

In my case the problem I have might be solved by running the Discourse-native upgrade if it were available. I even receive emails from my own forum like this:

Hooray, a new version of Discourse is available!

Your version: 2.7.13
New version: 2.8.3

  • Upgrade using our easy one-click browser upgrade
  • See what’s new in the release notes or view the raw GitHub changelog
  • Visit meta.discourse.org for news, discussion, and support for Discourse

I created a feature request on the Issue repository of the project related to this topic: